Call Credit Transfer

Send phone credit to loved ones.

Transferring credit is a great way to gift credit to family members abroad, control your children's phone spending or encourage friends to contact you more often.

Support friends and family on other mobile networks by transferring credit

Now you can send up to 10€ a day credit to users on the following networks

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Most International networks:

Note: Before proceeding double check that you are transferring credit to the correct mobile number, as incorrect transfers cannot be reversed.To check the balance on your Vectone mobile, dial *102#

Now you can send up to 10 € a day credit to users on the following networks

How can I transfer mobile credit?

mobile chat
Transfer credit by text
  1. Text the word LOAD followed by the mobile number of the person you want to transfer credit to. EG: LOAD 919878334540
  2. Send your message to 346. Follow the instructions that we send to you.
mobile chat
Transfer credit online
  1. Log in to My Vectone
  2. Click “Credit Transfer”.
  3. If you have transferred credit to your contact before, choose their number from the “My recipients” list. ALTERNATIVELY, if you are transferring credit to your contact for the first time, go to “Add a New Recipient”.
  4. Choose the amount you would like to transfer and confirm.
  5. Once the transfer is complete, we will notify you via a text message.