Sri Lanka Country Saver

Save money calling overseas with a convenient package of minutes

With Country Saver, you can relax knowing that you are saving money with an economical package of minutes to call your chosen country.

Want to keep in touch with your loved ones in Sri Lanka but worried about the cost?

Then our Vectone Sri Lanka Pocket Saver is for you. You will get 1000 minutes from a landline, or 400 minutes from a mobile, to call a special chosen person in Sri Lanka for 10€ per month.This equals to 1ct per minute. 

Which operators in Sri Lanka?

Country Saver Sri Lanka is available for Etisalat, Hutch and Mobitel.

Add your family to our Pocket Saver too

You can even share your Sri Lanka Pocket Saver minutes with up to two members of your family in France.

Add extra credit

If you use all your 1000 minutes within 30 days you can then add on an extra 500 minutes for just 10€, which must also be used within the same period. 


For example, suppose you buy our Pocket Saver to call your mother in Sri Lanka. Then just add the Vectone mobile numbers of your brother and sister-in-law living in France, and they can share your minutes and call your mother in Sri Lanka too.

  • This offer is only for FRANCE PAYG Vectone Mobile customers.
  • To check your Bundle allowance, please dial *333#
  • To check your balance dial *102#
  • Pockets are automatically renewed at the end of the validity period of 30 days. To stop auto-renewal, please call Customer Service
  • You can purchase up to ten Country Saver subscriptions on a single Vectone Mobile number.
  • Promotional credit (credit which Vectone has given to customers for free) cannot be used to buy a pocket.
  • Sri Lanka Pockets are valid from the date of activation and have to be used within 30 days. Unused units will be lost.
  • If you exceed the pocket limit, you’ll pay our standard Pay As You Go rates
  • Units cannot be used while roaming or for calls to premium rate numbers, shared numbers or other special numbers.
  • Rates published are based on full usage of the allowance of units during the validity period.
  • For calls to Etisalat numbers, additional mobile numbers will not be functional.
  • Calls to Etisalat numbers must be to a prepay account with not less than LKR500 credit.
  • When you register additional Vectone Mobile numbers, the number of minutes will be shared, while the subscription amount will only be deducted from your number, the primary number for this service.
  • Calls can be shared by up to a total of three domestic Vectone Mobile numbers (except where the designated number is on the Etisalat network).
  • Charges for additional numbers will be taken on the date of addition and then on automatic renewal of the main account.
  • You can only renew your Pocket after it expired.
  • Credit transfer amount cannot be used to purchase any Bundles. 
  • Vectone reserves the right to terminate or change this offer and terms and conditions at any time.