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How does credit transfer work?

To tansfer credit from your main account:
  • Sign in to My Vectone account online ans click on Credit Transfer.
  • You can add a new recipient or chose a number from the My Recipient list.
  • Select the amount you want to transfer and confirm.
  • After the transfer, we'll inform you via text.

How do I buy credit?

There are several easy ways to Top Up.
  • Top up right now on this website
  • By text message
  • By calling our customer services team
  • Purchase a Vectone Mobile multi-functional voucher (you can purchase these at many local shops and stores).

How do I know whether my recipient’s mobile number is on a supported network?

If you try to send credit to a mobile number that is on a network that Credit Transfer cannot currently work with, we will send you a message to inform you that the transfer was not possible this time and your credit will be safely allocated back to your account.

Can I transfer credit to a contract mobile?

No, you can only transfer credit to a Pay As You Go (PAYG) mobile number. If you transfer to a Pay Monthly contract mobile number, we will message you to say that the transaction failed and your credit will be safely allocated back to your account.

How will the recipient be notified of the transfer?

Your recipient will receive a text message telling them how much credit has been transferred to their phone.

What is the exchange rate used?

During the top-up transfer process we will give you the best value exchange rates we can. These will vary depending on your recipient’s mobile operator and the country in which it operates.

Is there a minimum maximum amount or number of transfers that I am allowed in one day?

Minimum — this depends upon the mobile operator your recipient uses.
There is no maximum.

How long does it take to transfer the credit?

The transfer itself is almost instant.
If it takes a few minutes don’t panic — it just means the network is busy.

What are the error messages I see if the transfer fails?

There are several reasons why you may see an error message if a transfer fails, including: 
• If you accidentally give us invalid information, e.g. a number in an incorrect format
• If you do not have sufficient available credit to make a transfer from your account
• If your recipient’s number is on a network or in a country to which we cannot make a transfer
• If there is a problem with our system, such as a process taking too long
The transfer process is secure at all times. If a transaction fails then we will always message to let you know and your credit will be safely allocated back to your account.  

Where can I see all of the transfers I’ve made in the past?

You can view your Credit Transfer transaction history in your My Vectone account on this website.

Can I store a list of family and friends to whom I’ve transferred credit in the past?

You can manage your list of transfer recipients in your My Vectone account on this website.

What if I transfer credit to the wrong recipient?

Please make sure you send the right mobile phone number – we cannot recover your credit, even if it is sent by mistake.

What happens to my credit if a transfer fails?

If a transaction fails for any reason, we will always message to let you know and your credit will be safely allocated back to your account. Unfortunately, we cannot recover your credit if you transfer credit to the wrong recipient.

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