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How to keep your number?

You can easily join Vectone Mobile with the same number you have with your current service provider.

Simply fill in the below form, sign it and send it to support@vectonemobile.fr or send it to the following address:

Vectone Distribution SAS
58 avenue de Wagram
75017 Paris, France. 

Download Port-In Form: Click Here

Can I keep my number?

To transfer your existing number to Vectone, you will need to call the 3179 from your existing network provider to receive your RIO number and order a free Vectone SIM card from us. Once you have a RIO code simply activate your free Vectone SIM card; then please contact one of our agents and provide them with the following information:

1. Your RIO number.
2. The name of your existing network provider.
3. The existing number you wish to transfer to Vectone.
4. Your Vectone Mobile number. We will transfer your number to Vectone Mobile within 5 working days, once we receive the above information from you.

Keep your number
Bring your number to Vectone at no Extra cost

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