Top up online

Top up online from the comfort of your couch or your kitchen worktop!

In order to top up online, all you need is your debit/credit card at reach if you’re in the National or a Paysafecard voucher if you’re abroad. Additionally, you can even enable auto top up and ensure that you’re never low on balance again!

Please verify your mobile number before clicking Proceed. Make sure you have entered the correct number, Vectone cannot reimburse you if you accidentally top up a wrong number.

We accept all major payment methods

Now you can Top Up by SMS, only if you have Topped Up online with Vectone before. You will be billed on the same card as the one you used for your last transaction.

Text to 345:

*CVV number is the three digits on the back of your signature strip on your credit or debit card.

- You can cancel the auto top up at any point, by visiting your My Vectone Account.
- Verify your Vectone number by dialing *105# before you Top Up. Be sure to enter the correct number, as the transaction will not be reversed in the event of wrong numbers being used.